• Project Name: Scotts Retreat
    Project ID: 1

    Details: This quaint West Indian design was conceived on the notion to develop a guest house using the methodology of persons in the islands of the 19th Century with modern amenities. The use of wood, stones and coral that are indigenous to our islands were the materials of choice. Every piece of coral, stone or drift wood was hand selected by the owner and the location within the project was specified.
    This project was designed from the inside to out. The owner had a collection of antiques and she visualized the placement of each within a space and this determined the size of the rooms needed to accommodate them.

    All doors, windows, floors and cabinetry were constructed onsite as it would have been done in the 19th century, using some of the best local craftsmen.
    Tying the two bungalow style structures together is a signature Scott Pools swimming pool that just seems to float over the beautiful views of the surroundings.

    The theme of this house can be "a natural retreat" as we designed ways of fitting this house on a fairly steep slope without having to disturb too much of the surroundings, hence it seems like this project grew out of the earth.

  • Project Name: Sunny Side UP
    Project ID: 1

    Details: Located in Belmont Estate which is one of the premier developments on the island of Tortola is a home that just makes a SPLASH.
    This home defines island living at its best. This project can be described as three pods that are nestled around a pool and open deck area which allows the home to be as open as possible. In fact when you are here the entire house is always open so the line between inside and outside can be sometimes blurred. With 270 degree views, large deck areas and the fact that you are probably the highest house in the development one can feel like they are the "King of the World" when you awake to the views.

    With each vibrant color, this house stands out where it's pods tell a different story but collectively creates SUNNY SIDE UP.

    Project ID: 2

    Details: Elegance is one word that can describe this project. This single family home that covered more than 12,000 sq ft can offer shots that can rival any in Architectural Digest magazines. The home is designed on the premise of family luxury. High quality finishes are on display throughout this home with the theme being traditional.

    This house that is perched on the top of a mountain, wraps around the mountain to create a 360 degree view of its sorroundings. Because of this view the owners decided to wrap a covered porch all around the front of the house so that they can enjoy a different vista from whichever location they choose to sit.

    A well designed pool court yard will "wow" any visitor to the house as it is located at the back of the site and will not be visible unless you are on the guest list.

  • Project Name: Havers Coastal Development
    Project ID: 2

    Details: Soon to be the BVI's premier waterfront living community with spectacular views of the world's famous Sir Francis Drake Channel and Architectural desgned condos with boat access.

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